The North Sea & Substainable fishing

You'd rather not support destructive fishing practices and don't relish the thought of an endangered species on your plate – but on the other hand, you’re no marine biologist either and you would like to enjoy the taste and health benefits of a bit of fresh ocean shellfish every now and again.

Well, learning more about sustainable fishing practices and supporting fisheries that follow ecological guidelines would be the ideal, but if you've not got the time for that at the moment. Crab stocks are assessed by analysing the size distribution of the Crab landed, with the aid of growth data obtained from tagging in the 1970's.

"The North sea stocks spawning is very robust and due to careful monitoriing and the landing of crabs above a certain size only, there is no sign that the recruitment of of small crab has delcined" (Bannister. 2004).

The shellfish lisencing sceme caps the numbers of vessels allowed to fish for crustaceans.

So you can be assured that all shellfish caught by us is from sustainable sites, so that Cromer crabs can be enjoyed for generations to come.


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